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FERL (Free Educational Resource Library) Project is an online library of educational resources on the web that are free to use. Resources may include information that can be used for reports and articles or entire courses to help learn a subject.

The main focus of this site is to create a user built resource list with the top web resources for learning, with an incorporated rating system.

Above all else, this site is a community learning portal and intended for people to help other people.


I am currently working on a full site redesign. I will transfer the new site over as soon as I feel it is ready, until then you can check the progress over at http://dev.ferlproject.com

User Registration and Content

To prevent spam and the need to monitor the site for spammers, I have removed the ability to register and for current registered users to post new content. As all of the content on this site is posted by me so far, this will have little effect on the site other than reducing maintenance time and increasing the quality of the resource list.

Site format and conversion

I am considering converting the main site over to a clean non-user generated format. Seeing as I'm the only one posting real resources and links, and I spend an hour or two per week cleaning up spam both here and the forum (mostly the forum). Don't know when such a conversion will happen, but hopefully soon. It will not be until I have some free time, maybe between semesters this summer.

Community Forums Added

Community forums have just been added. You can find a link to them at the top of the page listed as "Community". They were just added and thus are pretty empty as I work on configuration and organisation. I have decided to keep the forums completely separate from the site, as such the library and forums have a separate user database and require separate registrations. You can register for the library, the forums or both the library and forums. Registration is only necessary for the library if you wish to post/add to the Resource List (or to vote/rank resources).

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